02 Apr 2024

Easter Record for visitors and tourist flow

Federico Pedini Amati: "Work pays off, our country has returned to being a visited and appreciated tourist destination"

The data on tourist influx to the Republic of San Marino extrapolated by the Tourist Office for the Easter weekend (Saturday/Monday) are the best in recent years.

The sunny weather and the coincidence of Easter Monday with the Installation Ceremony of the Captains Regent meant that the Historic Center was literally stormed by tourists and visitors. The cable car goes from 12,042 passages on the Easter weekend 2022 to 13,987 in 2023 up to 14,427 passages on Easter 2024. Tourist arrivals calculated on the basis of car and bus entries into car parks increased from 29,837 in 2023 to 31,286 in 2024. To which must be added over 3000 arrivals by shuttle (P12 Fonte dell'Ovo). Record attendance in hotels with 3,986 presences over 4 nights in 2024 (there were 2,915 in 2023 and 3,427 in 2022).

Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of State for Tourism): “A few days ago we communicated the tourism data for the last four years, encouraging data with significant growth percentages in tourist inflows and access to hotel facilities. Today, we can make the numbers linked to the Easter weekend official and once again we can allow ourselves to talk about increases on all fronts. Work pays off, we have worked on several fronts to make the country attractive, today we can say that the Republic of San Marino has once again become a visited and appreciated destination.Tourism in the Republic of San Marino has never been so healthy."