25 Apr 2024

San Marino celebrates the 30th anniversary of the memory and legacy of Ayrton Senna and in memory of Roland Ratzenberger

The initiatives kick off on Saturday: it starts with "Ayrton's Last Journey" narrated by Fabio Tavelli at the Titano Theater

The first preparations are beginning in these hours in the old town of San Marino for Senna 30 Years, the series of initiatives that the Ministry of Labor and Sport in synergy with the Senna Foundation, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Imola will stage from Saturday 27 April until 1 May in the Old Town of San Marino on the 30th anniversary of the memory and legacy of Ayrton Senna and those in memory of Roland Ratzenberger.

The celebrations are part of a global programme to tribute Ayrton's 30-year legacy and are part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of official relations between San Marino and Brazil.

The name of the Republic of San Marino is closely linked to the world of motors and to the sporting and human history of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger and to Imola where the San Marino Formula One Grand Prix has been held for 26 years and for this reason last Monday the initiative was presented by the Minister of Labour and Sport Teodoro Lonfernini together with the highest authorities of the Region and the Municipality and to the Brazilian pilot's niece, Bianca Senna.

Senna 30 Years

The programme of events and celebrations - conceived by the Ministry of Labor and Sport and coordinated by the MOAB agency - will officially open this Saturday at 21.00 at the Titano Theatre when the Sky Sport journalist and presenter of the Race Anatomy programme Fabio Tavelli will present on the stage Ayrton's Last Journey his monologue dedicated to the history of the Brazilian champion. A story written and thought through the reading of numerous sources and the collection of testimonies. Admission to the show is free, but since access will be allowed subject to availability, it is recommended to proceed with reservations. For information you can call 0549.941123 or send an email to eventi@moab.sm.

The Three Towers Of San Marino illuminated with the colours of Brazil and Senna. A thrilling mapping on Public Palace

The beginning of the show dedicated to Senna will coincide with a very evocative moment: on that same evening until 1 May, the Three Towers of the Republic of San Marino will light up with the colors of the Brazilian flag and Ayrton Senna's iconic helmet while on the façade of Public Palace, in Piazza della Libertà, a mapping will be made with the images of the two drivers.

Sunday 28 April The Titano Trail Run, Senna 30 Years

On Sunday, 28 April, the Titano Trail Run, Senna 30 Years will take place, an event organized as part of the Energika event with departure and arrival at Campo Bruno Reffi in San Marino where the bust dedicated to the Brazilian is located. There are three routes on different distances open to everyone, from runners to walkers: medium trail (24 km), short trail (13.5 km) and urban trail (4 km) starting at 10:00 Participants will be given celebratory t-shirts with the logo of the initiative.

At 11.30 in front of the bust of Ayrton Senna there will be an institutional moment of commemoration while at 12.00 between the First and Second Tower, on the "slackline", the memory of Senna will be honored with a celebratory flag of 40 square meters. The day's initiatives will continue in the afternoon with sports and entertainment activities. From 15:00 live music rotation stage, where 50 members will take the stage to bring the greatest rock hits to the stage.