Population and Territory of San Marino

A jewel set in the heart of Italy


The Republic of San Marino and its territory

Where is the Republic of San Marino?

The Ancient Land of Liberty is located, geographically, in central Italy and touches the two surrounding Italian regions: Emilia Romagna (province of Rimini) to the north-east and Marche (province of Pesaro-Urbino) to the south-west.
In total, the border with Italy extends for almost 40 km.

The lowest point and the highest point

The territory of San Marino is prevalently hilly and, for this reason, characterised by different altitudes that give those wonderful views that we are used to admiring in all the photos and postcards of the place.
Dominating the entire Republic is Mount Titano, with its 755 metres above sea level, the highest point in the country.


Mount Titano marks the beginning of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and it is from this point that some rivers - the Marano and the Marecchia, for example - flow directly into the Adriatic Sea.

By contrast, the lowest point of the country is Falciano - municipality of Serravalle - with its 55 metres above sea level. It should be remembered, in fact, that the Republic of San Marino is located 10 km from the Adriatic Sea as the crow flies

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Population of San Marino

As of 30 June 2023, the resident population was 33,895.


Who is considered a Sammarinese citizen by law?
Pursuant to the "Citizenship Act" 114/2000 amended in respect of Articles 1-3-5-7 by Law 84/2004, San Marino citizens may be:

  • children, whether natural or adopted, of two Sammarinese parents
  • children, whether natural or adopted, of a Sammarinese parent and a non-Sammarinese parent, on condition that within one year from the age of 18 they declare to the Office of Civil Status, or to the diplomatic authority, that they wish to maintain their citizenship.
  • children, whether natural or adopted, of a Sammarinese parent and a stateless (non-citizen) or unknown parent
  • children, whether natural or adopted, of Sammarinese mother who make a specific request for citizenship within six months of coming of age
  • all persons born in the territory of the Republic to stateless or unknown parents

Is it possible to become a Sammarinese citizen?

Yes, it is possible but this type of citizenship is granted on the basis of the Citizenship Act of 30 November 2000 No 114 and subsequent amendments.

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