Coat of Arms and Flag of San Marino

What is represented in the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino?

The coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino consists of a shield with three silver towers, on a blue background, surrounded by a laurel branch on the left and an oak branch on the right, joined by a scroll showing the motto "Libertas".




La facciata del palazzo

It is interesting to know that the various municipalities of the Republic have their own crests which take the original name of the municipality, as shown below:

Borgo Maggiore: the coat of arms depicts the location of the municipality at the foot of Mount Titano

Serravalle: the crest depicting a red tower alludes to its defensive role ("azure, square red tower, with three Ghibelline crenellations")

Domagnano: the emblem shows the original name of the municipality (Montelupo) and depicts a passing wolf and a tower in ruins on top of a mountain

Fiorentino: "Gold with three red roses" the three flowers, roses, refer to its name

Acquaviva: the crest of arms refers to its previous name, Montecerreto. "Azure, with three turkey oak trees with leafy green branches arranged in a triangular form"

Faetano: the emblem takes the name of the territory, deriving from "beech" or better from "Forest of Beech Trees"

Montegiardino: the coat of arms clearly reproduces the place name: “Azure background, with three red roses with green leafy stems, in a fan-shape, on top of a mountain with three gold peaks”

Chiesanuova: the original name was Pennarossa, taken from the red plume on the crest: "Silver background with a red plume”

La facciata del palazzo

The flag of San Marino shows two horizontal stripes: white above, blue below. In the centre is the emblem of the Republic.










La facciata del palazzo