08 July 2023

Andy Warhol. Serial Identity

Exhibition from 8 July to 8 October 2023

San Marino will be hosting, from 8 July to 8 October, an exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol (1928-1987), one of the absolute pinnacles of 20th century art and culture.

More than 60 works, from important private collections and international institutions such as the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, tell the entire creative universe of Warhol, from the first drawings made for publishing and fashion, to the most important pop works.

The exhibition opens with some highly refined drawings that highlight the beginnings of the young Warhol in New York in the 1950s, when he worked as an advertising designer and illustrator of books and magazines.

Since the early 1960s, seriality has allowed Warhol to overcome the uniqueness of the work of art and to find a stylistic figure that will make him unmistakable and famous all over the world. The very famous silk-screen works dedicated to Marilyn Monroe and Mao, the Flowers, the Cow, Campbell's Soup are from these years.

During the 70s Warhol's research was enriched with contents: new images taken from the mass media, the numerous portraits of famous personalities in the field of entertainment, art, fashion such as Liza Minnelli, Joseph Beuys and many others. In 1975 Warhol created the series entitled Ladies and Gentlemen dedicated to ladyboys and drag queens of Afro-American and Hispanic origin: characters suitable for those who, like Warhol, wanted to investigate the various aspects of the "Society of Entertainment".

The pop universe of the 80s is told by Warhol in his famous television productions, presented in the exhibition with Andy Warhol's T.V. - Special Projects. The video compilation, created by MA*GA in collaboration with SEA and MEET Digital Culture Center, already exhibited at Milan Malpensa Airport - La Porta di Milano, offers an insight into the international art scene with a dynamic montage of interviews, fashion shows and musical hits. All original content on loan from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

To allow the public to get to know all the creative aspects of Warhol, the exhibition project includes a selection of the most famous vinyl covers produced for iconic bands such as the Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones, the best-known books in which he is the author and illustrator and a taste of the legendary Interview Magazine, founded by Warhol himself in 1969. This collateral section is hosted at the National Gallery together with a focus on the so-called Death and Disasters theme with the famous Electric Chairs; it is precisely with a work belonging to this series that the artist participated, in 1967, in the sixth San Marino Biennale at the invitation of Giulio Carlo Argan.

Full: €12.00
Reduced: € 10.00 reserved for children aged 6 to 18, university students, over 65s, school groups, groups of over 25 people
Free: children under the age of 6, students of the University of San Marino, visitors with non-self-sufficient disabilities and one of their companions, ICOM members, journalists, teachers accompanying school groups.
The right to a reduction and/or free admission will be granted upon presentation of a suitable document.

Locations and times
Palazzo Sums

Via Piana, 1 - City of San Marino
Open every day
From 8 July to 9 September: 09.30-18.30
From 10 September to 8 October: 10.00-18.00
The box office closes half an hour before the exhibition
National Gallery
Logge dei Volontari, Giardino dei Liburni – Old Town
Open every day
From 8 July to 9 September: 09.30-18.30
From 10 September to 8 October: 09.00-17.00
The box office closes half an hour before the exhibition

Guided tours
Eexclusive guided tours of the exhibition will be held every Saturday from 15.30 to 16.30 by San Marino tourist and cultural guides in collaboration with the San Marino National Gallery. from Saturday 19 August to Saturday 7 October.
An about-one-hour itinerary will describe, in a simple and fascinating way, the sixty Andy Warhol's works exhibited in the two locations Palazzo SUMS and National Gallery.
For registration, contact the guides:
Sara Forcellini T +39 335 7334851 - elleduesrl@outlook.com
Selena Simoncini T +39 334 7597072 - sally.simo2306@gmail.com
The cost of the guided tour is € 7,00, to add to the price of the special reduced admission ticket of € 10,00 to the exhibition valid for both locations.

T 0549 909421

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Full price: €12.00 - Reduced price: €10.00


08 July 2023 - 08 October 2023
From 8 July to 9 September: 09.30-18.30. From 10 September to 8 October: Palazzo Sums 10.00-18.00

Palazzo SUMS, Città di San Marino

Price: Full: €12.00 - Reduced: €10.00
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Palazzo SUMS
Via Piana 1
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino