01 October 2023

1st October - Investiture of the Most Excellent Captains Regent

A splendid opportunity to visit San Marino

The Investiture Ceremony of the Most Excellent Captains Regent takes place on April 1 and October 1 of each year.

The two Captains Regent, elected every six months by the Great and General Council among its members, have the representation of the State of San Marino and are at the head of the legislative and executive power. They always act jointly and have the right of veto towards each other. This is to ensure that power is never in the hands of a single individual. It is an institution that originates in the communal period and that has arrived intact up to the present day. Its uniqueness was one of the decisive elements for the inclusion of San Marino in the UNESCO World Heritage list, which took place in 2008.

The first document in which the existence of two Captains Regent, at that time called "Consules", appears is dated 12 December 1243 or 1244 (the conditions of the document do not allow to establish exactly the year). Back then Filippo da Sterpeto and Oddone di Scarito were "Consuls". However, it is assumed that the institution's origins can be even older.

To be nominated Captains Regent you must be an original San Marino citizen and be at least 25 years old. The age requirement was set as early as the 17th century Statutes. Furthermore, it is possible to be re-elected only after three years from the expiry of the mandate. At the end of the assignment, the Captains Regent are submitted to the Syndicate, which has the task of judging them both for the doing and for the not doing according to possible appeals that could be presented by any citizen.

Regency is the highest expression of the State and of democracy. In fact, at the end of the semester, with great simplicity, they go back to being an ordinary citizen, without any privilege.

The investiture day has a special place in the heart of all San Marino citizens and it also has a strong appeal to visitors who can "see with their own eyes" a fundamental moment for the history and institutions of the Republic.

It is possible to attend the event in the streets and squares of the Old Town of San Marino City. From the early hours of the morning, the military corps line up in front of the Public Palace for the flag-raising. Followed by the parades and the rites provided for in detail already by the Statutes of the 1600s. The Captains Regent, escorted by the Council Guard and preceded by the Military Band and the Militia, parade together with the Government Authorities, the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, Military Authorities, Civil and Religious Authorities and Guests of the Republic. A ceremony that harmoniously blends important secular and religious aspects. In addition to the institutional moments at Valloni Palace and Public Palace the protocol provides for the religious rite at the Basilica of the Saint.


Piazza della Libertà. Military Corps deployment and flag-raising

Procession of elected Captains Regent from the Public Palace to the Basilica of the Saint, where the religious rite is celebrated.

Return of the procession to the Public Palace, where the Official Prayer is said and the elected Captains Regent take an oath and receive an investiture.

Procession of the Most Excellent Captains Regent and of the sequel from the Public Palace to Valloni Palace.

Piazza della Libertà. Deployment of the Military Corps and lowering of the flag.

The ceremony will take place in compliance with the provisions for the containment of infections from Covid 19

The programme could be subject to variations

01 October 2023

San Marino Old Town
Piazza della Libertà
Basilica del Santo (Basilica of the Saint)
Palazzo Pubblico (Public Palace)
Palazzo Valloni (Valloni Palace )

Price: free event
Republic of San Marino
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Piazza della Libertà
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino