26 April 2024

San Marino Game Convention - 25th edition

Gathering of players passionate about boardgames and wargames

The San Marino Game Convention was born from the passion for gaming as a tool for socialization and fun and which sees in the promotion of recreational activities like this its best form of presentation.

A gathering of players passionate about boardgames and wargames, traditionally similar to some famous events that have been taking place for years in the United States, the San Marino Game Convention is mainly a gaming opportunity for all those who love historical simulation and board games.

The characteristic of the San Marino Game Convention is that of being a convention dedicated to "played" games...where the emphasis is not on selling and buying products but where the games are played.

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26 - 28 April 2024
Friday: 14:30-24:00 Saturday: 9:00-24:00 Sunday: 9:00 - 18:00

Kursaal Congress Center
Città di San Marino

Price: free event
San Marino Historical Games Association (ASGS)
booking notn required


Kursaal Congress Center
Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino