27 April 2024

Vibrazioni Titaniche

A musical event with 14 San Marino artists

A musical adventure with 14 San Marino artists accompanied by the San Marino Concert Band under the artistic direction of Maestro Dino Gnassi who will also take care of the arrangements.

The evening will be led by the charismatic Marco Corona, who will guide the audience through an exceptional musical journey: from the raw energy of Blues to the catchy melody of Pop, from the adrenaline of Rock to the depth of Soul, from the wild party of Disco to the incisive rhymes of Rap, up to the grit of Grunge.

Vibrazioni Titaniche is a journey beyond the boundaries of music, into a world rich in sounds, images and emotions; an unforgettable experience for music lovers of all genres.

27 April 2024

Teatro Nuovo
Municipality of Serravalle

Price: € 14,50
San Marino Concert band
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Teatro Nuovo
Piazza M. Tini, 5
47891 Serravalle
San Marino