18 Apr 2024

Minister of Tourism, UN Tourism and AccessibleEU together for a publication on accessible tourism

The compendium was born from the work of the Forum organized in San Marino


The compendium was born from the work of the Forum organized in San Marino.
Pedini Amati: “An award for the work done, an important recognition for the country. Disability is not an obstacle for those who want to travel"

The Minister for Tourism Federico Pedini Amati signed this morning with the World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) and the AccessibleEU Consortium, emanation of the European Commission for disability policies, the agreement which will lead to the co-edition of " Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people: compendium of good practices”, as a result of the International Conference on accessible tourism that the Republic of San Marino hosted last November.

Federico Pedini Amati (Secretary of State for Tourism): “Already at the event last November we had received widespread appreciation for the work done and we were flattered by the declarations of UN Tourism which had indicated the republic of San Marino as a permanent hub for discussions relating to the accessibility of tourism, today the quality of the work done in the Forum hosted by San Marino is confirmed by this project. The guidelines for good practices to guarantee the accessibility of tourism were written in San Marino and from here they will be distributed throughout the world. Disability should never be an obstacle for those who want to travel."