09 März 2024

Viaggio nell'arte a 360°

The 360° journey into art exhibition

A new great exhibition that unfolds from ancient and distant times and spaces up to the present day

Art has always dominated trends and cultures, over the centuries and millennia, accompanying important historical periods and the decline of real empires.

It has always been synonymous with culture, with the depth of the soul, with the evolution of human thought and of the most varied social themes; in this exhibition you will be surrounded by a succession of emotions arising from the paintings, sculptures and the objects on display which will make visitors participate in the beauty of what never dies.

Works and objects from the most varied eras and places up to the great names of contemporary art and new emerging photographers may be admired by everyone.

09 März 2024 - 09 September 2024
17.00-19.00 from Monday to Saturday

c/o Centro Fiorina
Municipality of Domagnano

Prezzo: free entry upon reservation
La Maison de la Petite Sara - Art Gallery
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Centro Fiorina
Strada Paderna, 2
47895 Domagnano
San Marino