30 Nov 2023

The exhibition “I Limiti Sconfinati tra Spazio e Materia” opens

Mirco Dellapasqua Exhibition

The Ministry of Tourism is proud to present the personal pictorial exhibition entitled "I Limiti Sconfinati tra Spazio e Materia - The Boundless Limits between Space and Matter" by the eclectic contemporary artist Mirco Dellapasqua. The exhibition will be held in the exhibition space of the Ministry of Tourism located on the ground floor (Contrada Omagnano, 20, Città di San Marino), from 1 December 2023 to 7 January 2024 with opening to the public from 10.30 to 16.00 from Wednesday to Sunday and free entry.

Mirco Dellapasqua, a contemporary artist of great interest, is known for his versatility, his eclecticism and his ironic slant. Originally from Ravenna, he boasts an extraordinary background in the world of sport, nautical technology and engineering. Since childhood he has expressed his creativity in the family shipyard, giving life to Yatch and creating innovative models of boats, exploring new materials and construction systems.

Art enthusiast and collector, Dellapasqua has transformed his artistic experimentation into a peculiar expression. Through various techniques, he created conceptual works that reflect the surrounding reality, portray great historical figures and immerse themselves in the public and entertainment scene.

Contemporary art has become an integral part of his identity, giving life to artistic installations where the cracked resin narrates private stories, intertwining with the charm and awareness of the present that surrounds him. Dellapasqua talks about man through his experiences, thoughts transformed, caressed and intertwined in everyday life.