08 Feb 2024

Qualification to carry out hospitality business activities: training courses begin

Deadline for submitting the registration application: 18.00 on 8 March 2024

The San Marino Tourism board, in collaboration with USOT - San Marino Union of Tourism Operators - announces the opening of registrations for the training course for the qualification to carry out the accommodation activity.

The training will be completely free for all the accommodatio based in the Republic or for those who wish to start a future hospitality business. Please note that training is mandatory for those who do not meet the requirements set out in the art. 4 of Regulation 8 June 2010 n. 3.

The deadline for submitting the registration application is set at 18.00 on 8 March 2024.

For any further information an email can be sent to the following address: info@usot.sm