17 Mai 2024

Experts in religious tourism and sacred art spoke of San Marino's "roots and treasures"

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Tourism

"ROOTS and TREASURES: San Marino between history and art" was the theme of the conference organized by the Ministry of Tourism yesterday evening at Sala Montelupo in Domagnano to tell the unique works and treasures of the Republic of San Marino related to religious tourism and to pilgrimages and sacred art.

The event was conducted by Dr. Pietro Berti, consultant to the Ministry for Religious Tourism, and enriched by the voices of San Marino historian Prof. Verter Casali and Prof. Alessandro Giovanardi of the Marvelli Institute.

High-level presentations for an initiative that is part of the development projects of sacred, religious and pilgrimage tourism.

The evening was opened by the greeting of the Bishop of San Marino and Montefeltro, Andrea Turazzi.