Mediterraneo Restaurant

Via 3 Settembre 11, Serravalle, San Marino

The Mediterraneo restaurant was born from the initiative of Alberto, coming from more than twenty years of training as a restaurateur capable of giving you a unique welcome, and Cristina - practically born in the kitchen - a cook for passion, with solid foundations and daughter of restaurateurs, from her grandmother to her parents, who emigrated to bring the Italian culinary culture abroad.
A dream come true that led them to create an oasis of harmony and a concentration of emotions that culminates in the Mediterranean garden - where Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune, will welcome you - created to provide a relaxing corner where you can taste the cuisine of the peoples bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
The "Mediterranean cuisine" includes the cuisines of the different countries bordering the same sea, therefore Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia and then down to Turkey, Syria, Israel and the Maghreb area of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Lands united by the sea where they cook using the same ingredients.
Olive oil, grapes, citrus fruits, use of fresh herbs, legumes and wheat, more prevalent than meat and fish. Cous cous and fregola, paella and risotto, macco di fave and chickpea hummus are results of the same basic ingredients, the same climate and millennia of trade, migration, domination.

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