13 October 2022

Rallylegend 2022

The drivers and the cars that made rally history

With the next one, signed 2022, Rallylegend reaches twenty in its Golden Book of events that is unique in the world.

October is the month of the Rallylegend, which has defined the four day sport event from 13 to 16 October, obviously in the Republic of Rally, the Republic of San Marino.

Rallylegend is a brand now known all over the world and when someone mentions the San Marino event, thoughts go immediately to the most beautiful rally cars in history, the rally where the great champions of yesterday and the Aces of today perform behind the wheel and then allow themselves to be embraced and in close contact with thousands of fans.

There will be many opportunities to listen to stories and pieces of rally life, often unreleased and always engaging, from the true voice of the protagonists and of the champions of the rallies of a few years ago. Moreover the current world champion "circus", featuring some of the official drivers engaged today in the World Rally, with the muscular "vuerrecì".

13 October 2022 - 16 October 2022
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Rallylegend Village
Olympic Stadium, Serravalle

Price: starting from € 20,00
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Olympic Stadium
Via Rancaglia 30
47899 Serravalle
San Marino