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Portal of the Republic of San Marino


Regency of the Republic
Great and General Council

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation and Telecommunications
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Public Function, Institutional Affairs and Relationships with Township Councils
Ministry of Finances and Budget and Transport
Ministry of Tourism, Posts, Cooperation and Expo
Ministry of Industry, Hanicraft, Commerce, Technological Research, Regulatory Simplification
Ministry of Education and Culture, University and Scientific Research, Youth Politicies
Ministry of Healthy and Social Security, Welfare and Social Affairs, Gender Equalty and Technological Innovation
Ministry of Territory and Enviroment, Agriculture, Civil Protection and Relationships with A.A.S.L.P.
Ministry of Labour, Economic Planning, Sports, Information and Relationships with AASS
Ministry of Justice and Family

Township Councils

Expo San Marino


State Archive
State Library
State Museums


Chamber of Commerce

Philately and Numismatics:

Autonomous Philatelic and Numismatic State Company


National Olympic Committee 


San Marino Destination
San Marino Hotel Federation
Convention and Visitors Bureau
OSLA - San Marino Organization of Entrepreneurs
USOT - San Marino Union of Tourism Operators
USC - San Marino Union of Commerce and Tourism - Official Websit of ENIT-Italian National Tourism Board

State TV:

RTV San Marino