24 Jan 2023

Ivan Archipelago in San Marino on 26 January

Filippo Graziani's concert at the Teatro Nuovo

Last days of presale for ARCIPELAGO IVAN, the concert by Filippo Graziani to be held on Thursday 26 January 2023 at 21.00 at the Teatro Nuovo di Dogana (RSM). The concert, which promises great emotions, is a tribute by Filippo Graziani to his father Ivan; as on board a ship, spectators will be ferried into a world of music, stories and readings to relive not only the great Graziani successes such as "Lugano addio", "Firenze", "Pigro" but also the songs from the debut and the B-sides of the most famous records to discover new curiosities about the first Italian rock singer-songwriter.

The tour, which started on 5 January from Sulmona, has already visited 5 of the 12 cities scheduled, obtaining great public approval. San Marino has always shown great friendship and admiration for the iconic artist who lived with his family in nearby Novafeltria and is preparing to enthusiastically welcome the artists Filippo Graziani, his brother Tommy Graziani (drums), Francesco Cardelli (electric bass and acoustics) and Stefano Zambardino (piano, keyboards and accordion). Thanks to the collaboration with the San Marino Musical Institute, the EoS Quartet formed by Aldo Capicchioni (I Violin), Michela Zanotti (II Violin), Aldo Zangheri (Viola) and Paolo Bandani (Cello) will also take the stage exclusively for the Republic of San Marino.

The concert is organized with the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, organized by the Tourism Borad in collaboration with the Cultural Institutes.

The Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati declares: “I am particularly happy for this event strongly desired by the Ministry, which links San Marino to Ivan and Filippo Graziani. Just last year, on the occasion of the 25th year of Ivan's death, San Marino wanted to pay homage to him with a dedicated philatelic issue. It is a real honor to be able to host Filippo, who together with his brother Tommy will show us his great talent as a singer and guitarist inherited from his father".

Presale tickets online on Vivaticket and in all authorized points of sale until 10.00 on Thursday
26 January.
Tickets for sale at the Teatro Nuovo box office starting at 17.00 on Thursday 26 January.