09 May 2023

San Marino and Italy together to organize the UNWTO European Conference on Accessible Tourism on the Titano

The Ministry recognizes the value of the TTT and presents great opportunities for the Municipalities that are part of it

An important meeting of the Governance of the Territorial Tourism Table was held yesterday which was also attended by the Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati and Prof. Alessandra Priante, Europe Director of UNWTO as well as technicians from the Italian Ministry of Tourism. After the opening greetings of Minister Pedini Amati who also addressed a message of closeness to the Municipalities of Emilia Romagna recently affected by the flood, ample discussion was dedicated to the organization of the second UNWTO European Conference on Accessible Tourism to be held on 16 and 17 November 2023 at the Kursaal Congress Center in the Republic of San Marino but which will see the Italian Ministry in the role of co-organizer and the Municipalities of the TTT as protagonists, in this regard a mapping of the attractions and experiences accessible to tourists was requested from them with disabilities. On 1 June, in Sofia, on the occasion of the "68th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe", the event will be officially presented.

Dr. Roberto Nepomuceno and Dr. Maria Ciani of the Ministry of Tourism illustrated the regulatory interventions carried out in favor of small municipalities with a tourist vocation, including many of those that today are part of the TTT project which thus becomes a key - project for Municipalities to be ready in planning initiatives that can award funding and to channel the information and support needed to access them. In this great opportunity, San Marino has shown itself to be an active part in favor of the wider territory, confirming once again how decisive it is to "make system" and how prestigious it can be to be part of the Territorial Tourism Table that the Ministry strongly wanted.

Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of Tourism): "There are two good news today, the first is that we will organize a United Nations conference on the Titano dedicated to a deeply felt topic such as that of accessible tourism, the second is that the Ministry once again recognizes the great value of the TTT project by offering great opportunities to the Municipalities that are part of it and certifying, as we have been claiming for some time, that if the territory knows how to make a system, we will all benefit".